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Meet the visionary force propelling Electrik Scoot: Erin Fcunningham, a trailblazing expert with an electric heartbeat. 🚀 As a former engineering virtuoso at Jetson Electric Bikes', she's unleashed her profound passion for clean, dynamic transportation. Dive into a realm where electric bikes and scooters electrify your commute, guided by Erin's unparalleled expertise and insights. Let's embark on an emission-free odyssey together – the electrifying world of Electrik Scoot awaits! ⚡🚲🛴

Personal Details:

Street Address: 2909 Haymond Rocks Road

City: Rogue River

Telephone Number: 406-476-3354

Mobile Number: 956-235-2785

Email: erinfcunningham53@gmail.com

business Details:

Name: Jetson Electric Bikes's

Visit Our Business Website: Ridejetson.com

Business Phone Number: (212) 651-0100

Find Us On Social Media: Facebook

Address: 86 34th St Fl 4, Brooklyn, New York, 11232, United States

Working Hours: 

Thursday9 AM–9 PM
Friday9 AM–9 PM
Saturday9 AM–9 PM
Sunday9 AM–9 PM
Monday9 AM–9 PM
Tuesday9 AM–9 PM
Wednesday9 AM–9 PM