BAFANG BBSHD BBS02B Review – Is it really that good?

The Bafang creates the best drive Mechanisms for your first riding experience. The Bafang merchandise is of the best standard and provides a high degree of versatility. They offer a wide range of motor drives from various applications always to provide better ride quality possible. Find more about Bafang and how it can help you take control of your life.

BAFANG BBSHD Kit – Best of All Conversion Kits 1


  • No of speeds: 9
  • Suspension: 2 way
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Bafang is a top supplier of e-bike parts and finished e-drive mechanisms. It has been creating electrical vehicles parts that are fully integrated. The company is concerned with all potential global e-mobility market trends. The Bafang allows you to use motors for daily commute to work, saving time and money, getting extra sleep, enhancing your overall productivity, and making your day lively.

The setup requirements are like all Bafang E-bikes. It is readily accessible in the primary 68mm-73mm pinion gear placement and a few explicitly built for the wider bottom used on fat bikes.

The kit contains all the equipment and tools required to construct the Front Wheel Drive for your bike. Numerous attachments are available, but our standard kit includes several parts that other companies leave out and ask you to pay more! This Bafang BBSHD evaluation is influenced by personal observation of installing these motors on a variety of bikes.

BBAFANG BBSHD BBS02B Kit – Best of All Conversion Kits Review (Sep, 2023)

The BBSHD is Bafang's premier playmaker engine. The engine commutator is 66% larger than the other batteries, and it moves at 120-rpm. The machine is considerably bigger and heavier, weighing just under 1kilo gram, and it has cooling pad surfaces to assist in thermal conduction. The control system employs a 12 x INRFB 3077 Transistor, allowing the motor to control a continuous power of 30 amps.


BAFANG BBSHD Kit – Best of All Conversion Kits

Key Specifications

  • Bike Type: Electric Bike
  • Suspension Type: Two Way

The Bafang BBSHD 1000W motor function kit with ebike battery is a well-constructed, high-performance, compact, noise-free, high speed, hill-climbing electric bicycle kit. The Bafang conventional electric bike BBSHD features a 1000w motor that mounts in your bike's lowest gear and, if equipped, will substitute as a clutch lever.

BrandBBSHDBike TypeElectric Bike
Battery48V 13AH BatteryNo. of speeds9
Special FeatureCycling trail travelSuspension TypeTwo-way
Frame MaterialAluminumChainringDefault 46T
Motor TypeBrushless Gear MotorControllerMide Crank Integrated Inside the Motor

Features in Detail

Low Center of Gravity

The Bafang 1000W Motor outperforms both back wheel and front center motors. The muscle strength of the motor is aligned in the center of the bicycle on the bottom of your bike.  With this motor located in your bike's base, you'll have an improved road experience.


Your overall construction generally influences the battery and range of this Bafang conventional kit and the battery you select. The lowest battery is the 48V Ultra-Compact kit rechargeable batteries, which can comfortably be used for 30 miles per charge; the largest, the 52V Jumbo rechargeable batteries, can be used for 70 miles. That's almost seven times the cost of the Electric Bike Kit.

In the table below we have stated the highest possible power output for the 48v and 52v batteries:

Batteries Technical Details

BafangBatteryPeak Power
BBSHD48v (54.4v) x 30A           1632w
BBSHD52v (58.8v) x 30A1764w

Build Quality

The use of aluminum in this conventional kit does the final nut that ultimately secures the motor. Aluminum tends to tear once overworked, so it is an unusual choice. This does, however, maintain the total weight down while not giving up too much power. For maximum toughness of the kit, the chainring is made up of steel.


The Bafang BBSHD has a 1000W motor that produces significantly more power output than its competitors. The control system can use up to 30A of constant current non-stop, and the motors internal is considerably stronger.  Like all other Bafang motors, this motor has an inner frequency detector and provides battery-powered assistance relying on pedaling speed. The motor is noise-free and highly smooth, and the incredible motor torque is the first thing you hear while traveling

Frequently Asked Question

Can I make slight adjustments to my Bafang motor?

You are advised not to do so because it will revoke your license to operate, and adjusting the motor is also illegal elsewhere. Optimizing modifications alter the features of your e-bike, putting you and other cyclists in danger. Furthermore, in the case of any injury, your insurer may decide not to pay benefits.

Is your E-bike compatible with the Bafang drive system?

The product's originally meant use determines this. Nowadays, center-mounted motors are often preferred for E-bikes. They provide a serene feel and supremacy on even rugged terrains due to their low, focal center of gravity and equitable weight proportion. If the bike is being used on rough terrain, a rear motor can be an option.

Where to get the BBSHD E-bike?

There are a few sites where you can get a BBSHD. You can purchase a BBSHD from websites such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.
You can also order from sellers like LunaCycle. If you live outside of the United States, your top pick is to order it online. Nevertheless, the Bafang BBSHD might be available in some local retailers in your location.


  • Two riding Model
  • Compatible with both 48V and 52V battery
  • Easy Installation
  • Battery and charger.


  • Bulky Structre


This motor kit is a lot of fun to play with! It's the best mid-drive kit on the market, in my viewpoint. It has a lot of power but should only be mounted on a bike with an aluminum structure and stoppage.  It is without a doubt a lot of fun and will put a smile on your face!

In this review, we have noted some flaws of the Bafang BBSHD Kit, but it is still the best electric bike conversion kit. As long as you are willing to suck it up and accept protracted repair work, it is an excellent motor worth the investment!