Piaggio Electric Bike Review!

Piaggio is one of the most prominent names in the e-cycle industry that we are absolutely sure you must have heard it at some point during your research. When it comes to finding the best electric bike on the market, the Piaggio WI Bike does stand out. The selling point of this baby are its anti-theft features and a powerful motor which makes it a bicycle worth trying.

Piaggio Electric Bike Review

Piaggio Electric Bike Review

  • Solid Structre
  • Easy to Handle
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When we were on the hunt for a solid and a durable electric bike. not many bicycles stood out until we laid eyes on the Piaggio Wi Bike. It comes in an enigmatic design that is surely going to knock your socks off. The overall durability and sturdiness is spoken for. Plus, the bike is backed with a 5-year warranty which ensures your money will be well-spent.

In this article, we are going to enlighten you with the stellar specifications of Piaggio Wi Bike, it’s features and everything you need to know about before you make a decision of purchasing this master piece. In the last few months, this specific bike has gained a lot of recognition especially among daily bikers. It’s easy to maneuver mechanism and solid motor ensure functionality and topnotch performance.

So, without wasting anymore time, let’s get right on it.

Piaggio Electric Bike Review (Sep, 2023)

The Piaggio Electric Bike, though is quite expensive but has proven to be worthy of every penny. We are not the only ones who say this. You can check out the stellar reviews of this bike on Amazon and see for yourself.

What electric bikes are most popular for are comfort and convenience. You don’t have to do manual labor. You can easily survive on a simple setting that will definitely take you a long way. That is exactly why we prefer the Piaggio Wi Bike. it’s solid structure, easy to use interface and commendable features make it an option that you just can’t neglect.

On top of that, the bike comes with an anti-theft feature that will not let it out of your second even for a second. Let’s find out more about this convenient and innovative bicycle below,

Solid structure.

Before we start raving about its features. The very first thing that any biker consider is the frame and the structure.

Overall, the structure feels really solid and the cycle is durable and sturdy enough. Once you start cycling, you will feel very stable throughout the ride. And even with the hard bumps on the road you won’t feel a thing.

Easy to handle.

As far as the mechanism is concerned, we found it to be very simple and easy to understand. Piaggio has included a detailed user-guide that will walk you through the entire process of setting the cycle up. There are three preset programs that you can start with.

Once you get the hang of this bike, you can come up with your own riding pattern as you feel like.


Piaggio has inserted this bad boy with an internal GSM and GPS system that you will never lose sight of. It stays connected throughout the day so you have all the information where your bike is, if it’s being rode on or not on your mobile phone. All you have to do is download the application and you can monitor your bike from the comfort of your palms.

You can also add a code to the bicycle that will connect your motor, display and battery together. However, this feature can be only used through the application so you must do that in order to keep your bicycle protected.

Also, the brand provides a key for the battery. You will have to insert the battery into its exclusive housing and make sure it stays locked all the time.

High-level of versatility.

One thing that we absolutely loved about the Piaggio Electric Bike is its versatility. You can ride on it on a variety of trails. It works great on concrete roads, grass, and can handle even a little bit of off-roading. However, make sure to keep it maintained if you want to enhance its lifespan.

Easy to assemble.

We know and understand that not many people entertain the thought of having to put together their bicycle. But, won’t it be fun if it’s an easy job? The Piaggio Electric Bike comes pre-assembled. You will just have to put a few parts together once you take the cycle out of the box.

It’s not rocket science so there is nothing for you to worry about. You can be done with assembling it within a few minutes with the user-guide. The bike is available in a few colors so you can opt for a color that suits your personality at best.


  • Durable structure
  • Beautifully designed
  • Quick assembly
  • Great design
  • Convenient riding experience


  • Quite expensive

Final verdict:

To sum it all up, the Piaggio Electric Bike is a beautiful choice for an electronic bike. It feels very nice and convenient to use. The overall structure of the bike is extremely durable and sturdy. You will not experience any kind of discomfort while riding it.

Moreover, the battery timing and power is incredible. The ergonomic grips make it a treat to ride this cycle for as long as you want plus the saddle feels nice and comfy. It also has a great weight capacity and is suitable for all body types.

If you happen to be someone who loves going on rides in the evening just to enjoy and have fun with the breeze, this would be a very good choice. Although, we don’t really recommend it for adventures like riding on trails but for regular cycling in the city, it’s a great option but pretty expensive.