How To Turn Light on Electric Bike? -Easy Guide

Lights on a bike are considered one of the most important things. Specifically, they are helpful in riding, especially at night. Moreover, it is best to have bike lights if you need to drive under limited visibility conditions. There is a famous fact about bike’s lights that “Purely flashing lights are not required to conform to BS6102/3, but the flash rate must be between 60 and 240 equal flashes per minute (1-4 per second)."

If you are not aware of How To Turn Light on Electric Bike, you can consult a person having an electric bike to learn about its features and specifications. In addition, there are different types of lights present on an electric bike, such as headlights, backlights, taillights, etc. So, all these types of lights are specified with different colors.

Why We Need Light on Electric Bike?

Following are some reasons that state why we need light on electric bikes:

To Drive Well

It is necessary to have lights on the bike because they help in making the road visible. For example, if you are driving at night, you can see the road clearly even if it is dark. Plus, you can also see whether there is someone on the street or not. It may be any person or an animal.

To Become Visible

You become visible if you have lights on your electric bike. These lights help you to see other vehicles on the road. Plus, these lights also make you visible so that other vehicles can also see you. In short, you can drive safely at night by having lights on your bike.

How To Turn on Light on Electric Bike- Step By Step Guide

You need to follow the steps mentioned below that help you to know how to turn light on an electric bike:

Set The Angle

First, you need to set the right angle of the lights present on your electric bike. Make sure these lights do not affect the other people traveling on the road. Follow these steps to set the angle of lights present on your bike:

Step 1: Set the angle of the headlight heading towards the ground

Step 2: Make sure that the headlight is not blind to oncoming traffic

Turn The Bike On

After setting the angle of the lights, you need to turn on your bike so that you can turn the lights on. For turning the bike on, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Put the key into the key barrel and move it in the correct position.

Step 2: When the ON, Locked icon is displayed, remove the key from the barrel.

Locked icon

Step 2: Hold the MODE button for a while.

Activate The Light

You can activate the lights on the electric bike by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Press the UP-arrow present above the MODE button


Step 2: Hold both buttons together for activating the lights of the bike

Note: This action activates the brake light, taillight, LCD backlight, and front headlight of the electric bike.

Test The Light

The last step is to test the light. It means you need to check whether the lights are working or not. So, to test your electric bike’s lights, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Squeeze the brake lever of the bike

Step 2: Ride the bike a little bit.

How To Turn on Flash Mode On Electric Bikes?

Follow these steps to turn on the flash mode on your electric bike:

Turn Your Bike On

You need to follow the steps mentioned below for turning on your bike:

Step 1: Insert the key in the key barrel of the battery.

Step 2: Turn the key in the correct position and remove the key when the ON, Locked icon is displayed.

Step 3: Hold the MODE button for a while to turn on the electrical system


Press Flash Mode Button

Flash Mode Button
Flash Mode Button

Follow these steps to press the flash mode button:

Step 1: Find the Flash Mode button in your electric bike

Step 2: Press the rubber button that is present on the left underside of the taillight.

Test The Light

You can test the light by following these steps:

Step 1: Squeeze the Brake Lever

Brake Lever
Brake Lever

Step 2: Make sure the bike is on and the sunlight is not damaged

Step 3: Ride the bike wherever you want if the taillight illuminates solid and brighter light.

Note: You need to turn on the Flash Mode every time whenever you turn on your bike after turning it off.

The Importance of Lights on Electric Bikes

Enhancing Safety

Lights on electric bikes serve as a crucial safety feature, particularly when riding in low-light or dark conditions. They significantly improve your visibility to other road users, reducing the risk of accidents. Pedestrians, drivers, and other cyclists can spot you more easily, making nighttime rides much safer.

Complying with Regulations

In many regions, laws and regulations require cyclists to use lights during specific hours or in specific lighting conditions. By turning on the lights on your electric bike, you not only protect yourself but also adhere to these legal requirements, avoiding potential fines or penalties.

Illuminating the Path

Lights on your electric bike not only make you visible to others but also light up the road ahead. This improved visibility allows you to spot obstacles, road hazards, and potential dangers, creating a more confident and enjoyable riding experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the law say about turning on bike lights?

According to the law, you can turn off the lights of your bike in the daytime. But it is necessary to turn at least one of them on at night; otherwise, it will be considered illegal.

What color is best for your electric bike’s headlights?

The best color for an electric bike’s headlights is white. It is because it provides a light similar to the sunlight so that the visibility could be improved.

How do you turn on the backlight on display?

The backlight on display can be turned on by pressing the (-) button. It turns on when the wheels of the bikes are in motion.

Can I ride my electric bike without lights?

Riding without lights, especially in low-light conditions, is unsafe and may be against local regulations. Always use your bike's lights for your safety and to comply with the law.

Do I need to recharge the bike’s battery more frequently when using lights?

Using the lights on your electric bike will consume some battery power. However, modern e-bikes are designed to efficiently manage power consumption, so the impact on battery life is generally minimal.

What if my bike doesn’t have built-in lights?

If your electric bike doesn't have integrated lights, consider purchasing aftermarket lights designed specifically for bikes. These lights are easy to install and can significantly enhance your visibility.

Are there different light modes for different situations?

Yes, many e-bikes offer various light modes, such as steady light, flashing light, and adaptive light. Choose the mode that suits your riding conditions and preferences.

Do lights affect the overall performance of the bike?

Lights have a minimal impact on the overall performance of the bike. They are designed to be energy-efficient and won't significantly affect the bike's speed or range.

Can I use additional lights for even better visibility?

Absolutely! Many cyclists opt to add additional lights, such as front and rear flashers, to further enhance visibility, especially in high-traffic or dark areas.


Turning on the lights on your electric bike is a simple yet essential step to ensure safety, comply with regulations, and enjoy a well-illuminated ride. Modern e-bikes make it convenient to activate the lights, enhancing your visibility to others and illuminating your path. Remember to prioritize safety, follow local regulations, and consider additional lighting options for an even safer riding experience.