Gazelle Ultimate C380 Full Product Review

Have you been looking for a bicycle that came with a unisex design? If that is so, why don’t you check out the Gazelle Ultimate C380? It is one of the most heavy-duty, thoughtfully constructed and gender inclusive bike that we have ever come across.

We understand how so many people, girls especially have issues when it comes to finding bicycles that don’t really have a masculine design. This incredible bike does fall under that list and we are absolutely delighted about it.

We don’t think we have ever seen an e-bike as graceful as this one. It’s also a proof that e-bikes aren’t less than any other bike in the market. They can also provide you extreme level of power, control and speed that we usually expect from high-end mountain bikes

But we have to say, you’re not going to find an electric bike that is as thoughtfully designed as the Gazelle Ultimate C380. It features an Enviolo shifter along with a Gates belt drive that will allow you shift between gears as seamlessly as possible. when you’re riding on a hill, the most important thing to take note of is gear shifting. It should be seamless and easy which this bike ensures you don’t have a problem with.

So, without further ado, let’s take a deep dive at everything the Gazelle Ultimate C380 has to offer you. What is it functionality like, how comfortable it is to ride on and if it is really all worth the high-end price or not?

Gazelle Ultimate C380 Review – (Sep, 2023)

Gazelle Ultimate C380

Gazelle Ultimate C380 Review

Key Specifications

  • 65 Nm of torque (20 mph)
  • 500 Wh integrated battery

Gazelle has been manufacturing in Netherlands for more than hundreds years. The brand knows exactly what are the needs of cyclist and how to cater to their full requirements. The fact that they have been in business for over a century, it gives them the upper hand of manufacturing bicycles that are specifically designed to deliver what they envision.

We didn’t have any hard time getting the hang of Gazelle Ultimate C380. It gave us an extremely smooth riding experience whether it was on-road or off-road. We also loved riding on hills and those difficult trails that are usually hard to tackle with regular mountain bikes.

The fact that this is an e-mountain bike gives you to advantage of ultimate control and power over your terrain. You will not have to worry about losing your balance and going off your speed while you’re riding.


The design is commendable. You’re going to love how beautiful and graceful the Gazelle Ultimate C380 really looks. It doesn’t have that bulky look that mostly mountain bikes do.

Instead, you see a delicate e-bike in beautiful colors, answering all of your prayers in a single go. It has a low-step frame with a Selle Loire Gel saddle to make you comfortable while you’re riding. The aluminum frame also comes with an in-built battery system that keeps the look of this bike very minimal, without affecting its absolute beauty.

Construction quality.

Gazelle has made use of top quality components for the construction of this baby which is exactly why it can survive all types of rigorous biking experience you are bound to go for. The overall construction quality is commendable.

We also used to take out this bike in winters when it would rain to go for a leisure walk. It is safe to say that Gazelle Ultimate C380 is corrosion and rust resistant.


The gel saddle is everything you needed to ensure not feeling miserable after you’re done biking for hours. The fact that it offers comfort ensures when you take out Gazelle Ultimate C380 for a smooth riding experience in the afternoon, you won’t return home feeling ached all over your body.

The pedals are very smooth to rotate. The saddle feels comfortable and will adjust to your body as you sit. The handlebars also have a solid grip that feels nice and smooth once you start riding.


Now as far as the performance is concerned, we have already given you a lot of input on that but we’ll take the liberty of saying it again, it’s incredible!

Just like its name suggests, you will have ultimate control over your ride whether you’re coming downhill or passing by the bulldozer truck. The performance was unparalleled when we came down the hill at 30 miles per hour. With the four-piston hydraulic brakes, we felt confident that we won’t lose balance while coming all the way down at high-speed and we didn’t.

The high-quality components that Gazelle has used to manufacture this bad boy certainly pay off when you’re going at a high speed. We also recommend this bike for regular mountain bikers, especially those who race.

With it’s enigmatic power and auto-control, you’re never going to lose even a single competition.


  • Excellent riding experience
  • Frictionless power
  • Topnotch construction


  • Very expensive.


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Gazelle Ultimate C380 Review

Gazelle Ultimate C380

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