Nakto Folding Electric Bike Review

Ever wondered what it feels to ride a bike that is not only quick, but has durable battery and has excellent build quality as well? Get yourself the Nakto Folding Electric Bike to start with today!

The Nakto Folding Electric Bike is ideal for everyone who requires a functional bike to get around. The bike has a stylish mid-folding bike frame that folds for simple carrying. Wrap it up and store it in the trunk of your Car or Truck, or carry it into your home. Use it as your everyday commute to school or the office, and take it with you on out-of-town excursions. It is both versatile and functional.

Nakto Folding Electric Bike Review

Nakto Folding Electric Bike Features

  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • Foldable
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NAKTO bikes have built their reputation from the bottom up, providing thousands of clients with memorable bike experiences throughout the years. The firm entertains bike enthusiasts who opt to bike outside whenever feasible and support them. The NAKTO Bike firm pledges to provide the finest service quality attainable to its consumers.

The Nakto Folding Electric Bike is 60.5 inches long and 42 inches tall, with a height adjustment ranging from 20 to 29 inches. The folding bike is 33" long and just 26" high to fit into most vehicle compartments. These bikes usually come with a high-power battery, charger, small toolbox, and user handbook are all included with the bike.

The E-bike has a sturdy and robust high strength steel frame structure with superb vehicle paint and traditional black color. It just takes 4-6 hours to charge fully, and you can go 16-20 miles at various speeds with just one charge based on the landscape and user's weight. So, if you are looking to buy an electric bike that is foldable, portable, and easy to use, then go for the NAKTO 20'' Folding E-Bike, and we promise that it won't disappoint you!

Nakto Folding Electric Bike Review - (Sep, 2023)

Nakto Folding Electric Bike

Nakto Folding Electric Bike Review

Key Specifications

  • Brake Style: Linear Pull
  • Brand: Nakto
  • Suspension: Rear, Front

The NAKTO Electric bike is constructed using high-strength carbon steel that is easily foldable and portable. The suspension is also constructed of high-strength steel. It features high-quality built-in cushioning and a more extensive and more robust structure to assist you in handling greater weight, making it ideal for holiday travel.

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The bike is powered by a 36V 10AH lithium battery with a range of 15-25 kilometers. The folding bike has a 250w motor that can effortlessly propel you at 28 kilometers per hour. The cycle enables safe riding in the rain. It is fitted with an advanced lithium-ion rechargeable battery that can be charged in 3-4 hours and may last a day on a single charge, so you don't have to stress about the inconvenience of no power.

Key Specifications

BrandNAKTOBike TypeElectric Bike
Frame MaterialAluminum, Carbon SteelBrake styleLinear pull
Wheel size20-inchesSuspension TypeRear, Front
Special FeatureFoldableBattery36V 10A lithium
ColorModel-14Item Weight50 pounds


The rear brake lever is located on the left handle of the e-bike. Your front brake may be activated on the right-hand side; these are traditional disc brakes.  The back brake is hydraulic. The brakes also provide high stopping power to the engine. The tires are 20 inches in diameter. This NAKTO model, unlike previous models, has a one-speed motor.

Build Quality.

The Nakto Folding Electric Bike is build of high-strength steel. The bike wheels are equipped with two layers of aluminum alloy to safeguard them and make them lightweight, and wheels are also protected by the front V brake and back expansions brake.

Acceleration and speed.

With the help of its 250W motor drive, the Nakto Foldable Electric Bike can easily reach speeds of up to 23mph. It operates best on flat surfaces, but its tires are wide enough to savor a ride on your favorite nature route as well. This Electric Bike has thick tires that are ideal for rough terrain. You have the option of pedaling without utilizing the power, using pedal support or going full speed.


This Electric Bike is powered by a 36V/10Ah lithium battery that can travel up to 30 kilometers on a full charge. The battery life also varies depending on the terrain, but you can go for up to two hours at its peak speed.  If you connect it to its charging cable, it can quickly charge in two to four hours.


The NAKTO Foldable bike is foldable and highly compact. You can easily remove the handlebars, frame, and pedals separately for convenient moving. This bike is easy to carry and move around.  The lightweight structure and folding function make the scooter compact. The bike quickly folds up and locks into a small design of 99x43x36 cm. The handles can also bend or be removed entirely, and they can easily fit in the back seat of a car, carry up the stairs, and tuck below a work desk.

Safety Features.

This bike is generally outfitted with lithium batteries, and it can be hazardous if they fail. It rarely happens, so if it does, you won't have to discard the entire bike; the battery is detachable and can be easily disposed of. Because of its folding nature, it has locks fitted into each joint and a key lock for starting the battery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the NAKTO E-bike work?

Push your key to the right to start the bike. When you have successfully powered on your bike, the indicator on your handles will illuminate. To maximize your efficiency and battery capacity, use the red button to switch on the pedal support feature.

How to Remove the E-bikes batteries?

If you want to take out the battery, insert your key and move it to the left. The battery utilized in this bicycle has built-in safeguards, including voltage issue protection, current limitation, short-circuiting, and an overcharging protection system.

How fast can an E-bike go?

This Nakto Folding electric bike offers a range of 15-20 miles before enabling you to use only pedal power. This implies you'll be able to travel around relatively quickly throughout the city. It has a peak speed of 23 miles per hour, but it may be improved if you add more force to your journey.

Best of All Electric Bikes
Nakto Folding Electric Bike Review


  • Removable battery
  • Includes a basket
  • Heavier load capacity
  • 20-inch tires


  • Heavier battery


We explored everywhere to make your buying experience as simple as possible, and from all the list of possibilities, we picked out the Nakto Folding Electric Bike. With a peak speed of 23miles per hour and a battery of 30 miles, sthis Electric Bike strikes all the right notes. It's not only great on rocky terrain, but it's good on wooded trails.  It's still a robust, long-lasting bike constructed of high-strength steel