Vivi Electric Bike 350W – Folding Electric Bike Review

Aside from traditional bicycles, did you know that electric bikes are becoming a popular trend among eco-conscious individuals? When technology has altered every part of our life in today's world, the bike business has also evolved dramatically. You've undoubtedly seen a few electric bikes racing down the street; let's look at why these bikes are so popular.

The folding electric bicycle is proving to be a genuine lifesaver, thanks to its strong engine, full gear, and long-life battery. This environmentally friendly bike provides a comfortable ride and the required power in every road condition. And, with the aid of electric bikes, you can not only enhance your speed when riding, but you can also help save the world.

With the assistance of electric bikes, you can not only enhance your speed when riding, but you can also contribute to the conservation of the environment. Aside from that, riding an electric bike allows you to pedal with ease no matter what the terrain throws at you, allowing you to ride longer, faster, and farther.

On the market, there are several highly inexpensive electric bikes. There are several factors that the rider should consider while selecting an electric bike. Especially if the e-bike also doubles as a mountain bike. After researching several e-bikes on the market, we discovered that the Vivi 350W Folding Electric Mountain Bike offers a lot. Read this Folding Electric Bike Review to know more!

Vivi Electric Bike 350W - Folding Electric Mountain Bike Review (Sep, 2023)

Vivi Electric Bike 350W

Folding Electric Bike Review- Vivi 350W

Key Specifications

  • Stronger 350W Motor
  • Brand: Vivi

If you're looking for a low-cost electric mountain bike, the Vivi electric bike is worth considering. This adult folding electric mountain bike has an ultra-lightweight yet robust aluminum alloy frame that folds up fast and stores in the trunk of a car or at home. The flexible electric mountain bike appeals to commuters and riders who are new to the sport, with 21 possible speeds and three operating modes.

The less costly version features a 350-watt engine and a 36-volt 8Ah detachable battery, producing enough power for on- and off-road riding. There is also a more powerful 500-watt bike with a detachable 36-volt 10.4Ah battery.

Key Specifications

BrandViviWattage350 W
Bike TypeFolding, Electric, MountainBatteryLithium-Ion
Wheel Size26 inchesPedal-Assist Range44-50 miles
Suspension TypeFront, Rear, DualThrottle-only Range22-25 miles
Number of Speeds21Charging Time4-6 hours

Aluminum Frame

This fantastic mountain bike is built of aluminum, which gives it a lightweight and superb balance. This is fantastic since it allows riders to have a smooth ride while maintaining control of their bike in any scenario. This frame is waterproof, and all of its components and wiring are removable.

Thumb Shifters

Thumb shifters are used on the Vivi Folding e-bike, far more dependable than grip twist shifters. We had no trouble increasing or decreasing our speed, and the shifting was incredibly smooth. The Vivi also has a shock-absorbing front fork and a quality rear shock absorber for a comfortable ride on slopes, downhills, and uneven roads.

Shimano 21 Speed Transmissions

The Shimano 21-speed transmission mechanism on the Vivi 350W Folding Mountain e-bike allows riders to effortlessly alter their pace depending on the type of route they're riding. The most standard number of gears for most mountain bikes is 21, which is generally more than adequate for any beginner mountain rider.

Three Working Modes

The Vivi mountain e-bike has three modes of operation. Electric, pedal-assist, and standard bicycle modes are available. This is ideal for riders since it provides this bike the agility and intricacy to handle any terrain or route.

Whether you want to go faster, go to work, or exercise, this bike is fantastic and will satisfy you on every sort of ride. The Vivi bike features a detachable waterproof line design that allows you to replace its attachments without removing the controller quickly.

Shock Absorbers and Brakes

When shopping for a mountain bike, one of the most important factors to consider is safety. The Vivi 350W electric bicycle takes security extremely seriously, and riders can be confident that they will have a safe ride. This bike is outfitted with high-quality shock absorbers and brakes that allow the user to come to a quick halt with ease if necessary. The mechanical front and rear brakes are installed to ensure that you can always stop.

36V Battery

The battery is a 36V/8Ah detachable battery with an energy-saving mechanism that allows for longer battery life. The battery requires 4 to 6 hours to charge completely and can last a full day of bicycle commuting or mountain climbing.


With its LED 3-speed smart meter button, you can see this bike's range. This bike ranges 44-50 miles when riding with pedal assistance and 22-25 miles while riding electric and using only the throttle.

Vivi Electric Bike 350W
Folding Electric Bike Review- Vivi 350W


  • Power-Cut Protection
  • Waterproof
  • Boost Mode


  • Not aggressive


Is it worth buying an electric bike?

It is worth buying one because there are several benefits to having an electric mountain bike, whether you need an extra push to prevent overexerting yourself on steep hills or you want to save energy by riding on flat ground.

How does a mountain E-bike work?

Electric mountain bikes include a tiny motor located beneath the frame near the cranks. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the engine. When you pedal, the motor produces power. It increases power to each of your pedal strokes, making it feel like you're riding a regular bike but with supercharged legs.

What is the range of Vivi 350W Mountain E-bike?

This bike ranges 44-50 miles when riding with pedal assistance and 22-25 miles while riding electric and using only the throttle. However, its range is not as good as some of its competitors.

Final Thoughts

The Vivi Folding Electric Mountain Bike is a flexible and one-of-a-kind bike. Because it is foldable, this bike is ideal for traveling and storage. When this bike takes up almost no room, getting it on the road or keeping it in your garage or yard becomes a breeze. Folding Electric Mountain Bike is an excellent value for individuals seeking to enter the e-bike mountain bike industry.