Nakto Fat Tire Electric Bike Review – Super Cruiser E-Bike

Most people think of an electric scooter or an electric motorcycle when they hear the word "electric bike," and they're not a similar entity. Imagine a conventional bicycle, then include a motor, a battery, and a controller, all of which have been seamlessly integrated into the architecture. All-electric bikes on the marketplace are built on these materials!

Nakta Fat Tire Electric Bike9.5

Nakto's Fat Tire Electric Bike Features

  • Cruiser Bike
  • Charging Time: 3-4 hours
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Electric bicycles have become more prominent as people have become aware of the various benefits they provide. Numerous people have learned to ride a bike, and many others have begun to commute by bicycle thanks to the extra lift. Nakto has long been a leader in the e-bike market, designing and fine-tuning among the most renowned foldable e-bike products on the market.

Nakto has teamed up with a few of the company's best experts to produce a one-of-a-kind range of electric bikes for towns that are perfectly tailored to the needs of all daily commuters.

Contrary to the plethora of e-bikes available, Nakto Fat Tire Electric Bike offers a variety of benefits at a reasonable price. In our evaluation, we'll show you everything you need to learn regarding the 'Elite' folding electric bike. Without further ado. Let's get started!

Nakto's Fat Tire Electric Bike Beach Snow Bicycle 26-inch Review (Sep, 2023)

Nakto Fat Tire Electric Bike

Nakto Fat Tire Electric Bike

Key Specifications

  • Stronger 350W Motor
  • Brand: Nakto
  • Cruiser Bike

Product Review

In the realm of electric motorbikes, the Nakto's Fat Tire Electric Bike Beach Snow Bicycle 26-inch is unique in that it is relatively mobile. With 55 pounds, it's not exactly a lightweight electric bike, but it's a lot lighter than the 65+ pounds of several other compact e-bikes.

You will have a smug expression on your cheek as you power up this cheap folding electric bicycle. Since it is power assisted, you can ride along anyway indefinitely. However, due to its big tires, you may have difficulty storing this electric bike.

Key Specifications.

Bike TypeElectric, HybridBrandNAKTO
Age Range10+ yearsMotor350 W
Wheel Size26 inchesBattery36V/10Ah Lithium Battery
Number of Speeds6Charging Time3-4 hours
ColorBlackBraking SystemHydraulic Disks
Key Specifications

SHIMANO 6-Speed Gears.

To allow your engine to cover a wide range of speeds and slopes effectively, Nakto chose SHIMANO 6-Speed-Gears gears. To save power, select the appropriate equipment.

The benefit of the transmission is that it might successfully assist you in minimizing your physical exertion if you have insufficient physical strength. As a result, choosing lighter gear than when riding will be easy. As a result, the advantages of variable-speed vehicles are numerous.

The bicycle speed change program's role is to alter the bicycle's speed by adjusting the chain's collaboration with various front and rear gear plates.

Disc Brakes.

A robust disc braking system is essential for safe riding, particularly on fat tire electric bicycles, which must often contend with various challenging terrain conditions. The necessary thing for the Nakto R&D team is to assure safety when riding.

The disc brakes must meet the most demanding performance criteria, including precise and sensitive maneuverability, steadiness, and the capacity to maintain various terrain and weather conditions.

LCD Display.

The Nakto cruiser has a displayer, an HD LCD, and a large screen that displays constant voltage state, PAS level status, speed and direction, and other information.

The displayer may be used to change the modes of operation, such as throttle only, PAS only (Pedal Assistant System), and throttle and PAS operating together.

Modify the start time to zero or non-zero. Set the intensity of the PAS. Numerous features are waiting to be discovered, and you may customize an electric bicycle to fit your needs.


The Nakto cruiser has a wide, comfy seating with a powerful dampening spring, so you won't get fatigued even after lengthy rides, which would be necessary for beginner fat tire electric bicycle riders.

36V/10Ah Lithium Battery.

We fitted the Nakto Fat Tire with a high-quality 36V lithium battery since a tremendous fat tire electric bike requires powerful persistence, and this time you may ride long distances without worry.

The built-in overload prevention on the 36V lithium-ion battery ensures a high level of safety. Hundreds of discharges and safety testing have been performed on this type of battery. The battery's functioning is secure and consistent.

300-Brushless Motor.

Strong power is among the most significant aspects impacting the road experience on fat tire electric bikes. The Nakto cruiser is fitted with a 300W brushless motor to give fat tire electric motorcycles greater power. These motors improve the bike's capacity to handle rough terrain.

1-year Warranty.

All NAKTO bikes, including this Fat Tire Electric Beach Snow Bike, comes with a 1-year warranty. The warranty includes the bike's main components: throttle, controller, battery, motor, and PAS system.


  • Excellent on rugged terrain
  • Offers incredible maneuverability and riding experience
  • Durable chassis materials
  • Powerful, speedy, and classy electric bike


  • Tires are too large for some users

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast do Nakto Electric Bikes Go?

The lithium battery in the Nakto e-bike is 36V 10Ah, which is extremely strong. It has a top speed of 25-30 miles per hour, so getting to your location on time should not be a problem.

Can NAKTO Electric Bike go Through the Snow?

When riding an electric bike in the snow, the sort of bike you have may make a significant impact. The NAKTO 300 brushless motor can quickly propel the bike through the snow. As a result, it's suitable for winter and snow riding.

Is the NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bike Waterproof?

Put simply, yes. The NAKTO Electric Bike is waterproof. In technical terms, the 36V/10Ah lithium battery is removable that allows the user to take off the battery if they wish to wash their bike with water.

Final Thoughts

There is so much to love about this bike in this Nakto's Fat Tire Electric Bike Review. From the brushless motors to disc brakes made of comprehensive materials, the LCD, the SHIMANO 6-Speed-Gears, the 36V/10Ah battery, and much more makes this electric bike worthy of such an investment. Good luck biking!