How To Lock an Electric Bike? – Keep Your Electric Bike Safe and Secure

Have you been a victim of a lot of bike thefts? E-bikes these days come in a range of forms, as well as a variety of pricing. To provide users peace of mind when renting an e-bike, most producers have collaborated with ABUS Locks and outfitted each E-bike with a Bordo Granit X-Plus to keep the structure and wheels safe.

If you are paranoid, inspect the bike rack to make sure it hasn't been messed with. In a few exceptional instances, robbers have even used cutting saws to slice the lock on the bike rack.  We also recommend utilizing two waves because two locks are preferable to one. 

How To Lock an Electric Bike?

Locking your electric bike properly is crucial to deter potential thieves. Follow these steps to ensure your electric bike remains safe:

  1. Choose the Right Lock Type: Select a high-quality lock that's specifically designed for bikes. A sturdy U-lock or a heavy-duty chain lock is a great choice. These locks are difficult to break, providing better security.
  2. Secure Both Wheels: Use a cable or second lock to secure the front wheel in addition to the primary lock on the frame and rear wheel. This prevents thieves from removing the wheel and taking the rest of the bike.
  3. Lock to a Solid Object: Always lock your electric bike to a fixed and immovable object, such as a bike rack or a sturdy post. This makes it much harder for thieves to carry the bike away.
  4. Lock the Frame: Pass the lock through the bike frame and the rear wheel. This method secures the most valuable parts of the bike and makes it challenging for thieves to disassemble the bike.
  5. Choose a Visible Location: Park your electric bike in a well-lit, busy area with plenty of foot traffic. Thieves are less likely to target bikes that are in plain sight.
  6. Lock in a Group: Whenever possible, lock your electric bike next to other bikes. Thieves are less likely to target a bike that is surrounded by others.
  7. Remove Valuables: Take any detachable items, such as the battery or display, with you. This discourages thieves from targeting your electric bike.

Types of Locks for Electric Bikes

We recommended all users to get seconds locks installed because bikes without prominent locks seem to become easier targets for thieves. There are a few more factors to consider when selecting your lock stack, so we've developed a list of suggestions on How to Lock an  electric bike, so you can keep it safe.

When it comes to locks for your electric bike, there are several options available:

We've talked about bike locks before; the following are the types of locks that are commonly used:


U-Locks are the smallest locks you can get; the narrower the gap, the less likely crowbars can get into place. And pick a decent one with both sides secured in place, so the burglar needs to make two slashes. Some people employ the Sheldon Method, in which the back tire is fastened to a stationary object; obviously, tires and wheels are tough to cut past.

Chain Locks

These rechargeable crushers can break through any lock, but it is pretty challenging to grab a chain and crush it at the exact moment. Chain locks are so strong that they require two cuts to open them.

Folding Locks

These innovative locks are composed of steel plates and can be folded into a small container, making them easier to use than U-locks and more lightweight than chains. However, they only require one slice, and others claim that nails may be drilled through them.

Cable Locks

A cable lock may appear to be an excellent way to secure your bike. These locks inexpensive, light, easy to transport, and simple to wrap around your bike when you're locking it away. If you use a cable lock to lock your tires, they will slow down someone from stealing your bike. 

Wheel Locks

Some electric bikes come with built-in wheel locks that immobilize the rear wheel. These locks are convenient but should be used along with a frame lock for optimal security.

How To Choose the Right Lock

Selecting the right lock for your electric bike is essential. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Security Level: Look for locks with a high-security rating. Check if the lock has been independently tested and approved.
  2. Lock Material: Opt for locks made from hardened steel, as they are more resistant to cutting and sawing.
  3. Lock Size: Choose a lock that fits your bike and allows you to secure it to various objects.
  4. Lock Weight: While heavier locks are often more secure, consider the weight if you need to carry the lock with you.
  5. Locking Mechanism: Check if the lock uses a key, combination, or electronic code. Choose a mechanism that suits your preference.

Precautions to Prevent Theft

Taking additional precautions can significantly reduce the risk of theft:

  • Use Multiple Locks: Using two different types of locks makes it harder for thieves to break through both.
  • Locking Techniques: Learn the proper way to lock your bike to maximize security.
  • Regularly Inspect Locks: Ensure your locks are in good condition and not damaged.
  • Register Your Bike: Keep a record of your bike's serial number and register it with your local authorities. This can aid in recovery if your bike is stolen.
  • Get Insurance: Consider getting insurance that covers theft, ensuring you're protected in case the worst happens.

Extra Tips on How to Lock an Electric Bike

Securing your bike from thieves and robbers has become a challenging job since robbers can now very easily break through bike locks. Below we have listed down a few tips on how to lock your electric bikes:

Place your safety through the main triangle of the E-bike

You should wrap the lock through the bike's mainframe and fix an item, regardless of the safety. Leaving the bike's two wheels on the ground. It's the most basic method of locking up. If a robber can remove the wheels obtaining the frame will need more effort. They could steal the entire bike if you remove the wheels. As a result, passing through the primary triangle produces at least one degree of defense.

Remove The Front Wheels

It's always wise to remove the front wheel and secure it through the bike's mainframe and a fixed item, especially if the motorcycle has the instant gear. When your lock is strong enough, you should wind it around the center frame, the back wheel, and the front wheel so that the thieve cannot remove it. Nevertheless, the E-bike is partly constructed. The thief is forced to do extra work, which is your purpose. These are not the most entrepreneurial individuals. 

Place a Second Lock

The seat of this bike is held in place by a quick-release mechanism. If you remove the seat rest from the frame, put it through the middle triangle of the frame to prevent the rear wheel from rolling, and secure the seat rest. The thieve would be obliged to break the chains around the primary triangle before carrying the bike to a van. 

Secure your bike to make it harder to steal

Even though you don't have a good place to lock your bikes, such as a rack or a lamppost, you're never out of the possibilities. Make the job difficult for the thief to do their work. If there isn't a nice bike dock or pole nearby, one of my favorite last-minute hacks is to lock my bike to the metal of a few crates.  

We know that you are hesitant to leave your bike alone to run errands, even for 30 minutes. You will need a lock to protect your bike. Following are the types of locks that you can use:

ABUS Bordo 6000

ABUS Bordo 6000 is a medium-security bike lock that is sufficient for you if you don't have to leave your bike alone for more extended periods or the building you park in has a safe bike facility. If you must leave your bike for longer, it's worth investing in a more secure lock that doubling it up by buying a separate, more accessible transport second lock.

ABUS Bordo Granit XPlus 6500

The ABUS Bordo Granit XPlus 6500 is a dependable lock that is far less expensive than replacing a lost e-bike. ABUS is also used as a secondary lock for most E-bikes that provides a range of options, including u-locks, wire locks, and cable locks, which all offer a high degree of protection for your bikes.

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Can I use a regular padlock to lock my electric bike?

It's not recommended to use a regular padlock, as they are generally less secure than locks designed specifically for bikes.

How can I prevent someone from cutting the lock?

Choose a lock made from hardened steel, which is more resistant to cutting. Additionally, lock your bike in a visible location to deter potential thieves.

Should I remove the battery before locking my electric bike?

Yes, if the battery is detachable, it's a good idea to take it with you to make your bike less attractive to thieves.

Is it safe to lock my electric bike in a public place?

It's generally safe to lock your bike in a public area, especially if it's well-lit and has good foot traffic. Just ensure you follow proper locking techniques.

Are there any anti-theft accessories I can add to my electric bike?

Yes, there are various anti-theft accessories available, such as GPS trackers and alarm systems. These can provide an extra layer of security.

What should I do if my electric bike is stolen?

If your electric bike is stolen, report the theft to the police and provide them with all the necessary information, including the bike's serial number.


Secure your bike in a highly secured area or bike paring facility. If possible, avoid leaving your bike unattended outside. Whenever you connect your bike, bring any replaceable components with you. Use the locking option on your batteries if it has one. Fix the lock to a sturdy object that cannot be removed or knocked down. Consider the mainframe, the rear wheels, and the front wheels when locking your bike. If possible, ensure that the structure and both wheels are tightly fastened, and you're good to go!