Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike Full Review (Sep, 2023)

Electric bikes are somewhat lightweight, more enticing, more impressive than they have ever been. To bike them, you don't have to be in fantastic shape. It gets you outside, reduces the use of oil products, reduces obstruction, and allows you to have some pleasure.

Biking an electric bicycle is perhaps the most impressive new way to travel around the town - or anyplace else. Such battery-powered bicycles may offer you extra assistance when you need it, making it easier to go up hills and over longer distances.

Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike Review

Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike

  • 350W high-speed brushless geared motor
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They are an excellent alternative for buying a car, especially in nice weather. From mountain bicycles to commuting to high-load bicycles, electric bikes are accessible for practically everyone. And, while some are still rather dear, they are lowering their prices. However, they are a joy to ride in general.

Heybike has been committed to developing state-of-the-art technology and top-notch components for a long time, providing cost-effective e-bikes to meet riders' different transport needs and even explore sports and outdoor living. In this Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike Review, we will learn everything about this fantastic bike in detail!

Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike Review (Sep, 2023)

Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike

Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike Review

Key Specifications

  • Stronger 350W Motor
  • Brand: HeyBike
  • Cruiser Bike

The 2022 Heybike Cityscape is a feature-rich, accessible step-through, comfort-oriented hybrid electric motorbike with a replaceable long-range battery. With all of the advantages of the Cityscape, it's ideal for optimizing transportation. It's impossible to dispute that it's a fantastic method to navigate around the neighborhood. The electric bike has exceptional mobility for challenging terrain, reducing rider discomfort.

It can comfortably ride up to a top speed of 19 mph. Whenever it relates to adventure or road riding, this competent electric bike rises rapidly. Furthermore, the removable 36V/10 Ah battery has a range of up to 25 kilometers. The braking effects are practical, while the front suspension ensures a more comfortable and secure ride and longevity and security.

Key Specifications:

Bike TypeElectric Bike Mountain Bike Hybrid Bike Commuting Bike City BikeBrake styleDisc
Wheel Size26 InchesStyle26-350W-10 ah
Suspension TypeFrontLithium-ion-battery36 V/10ah
Number of speeds7Motor350W high-speed brushless geared motor
Frame MaterialCarbon SteelPedalAluminum Alloy Pedal

Dual Lights & Brakes System.

When it comes to reliable braking power, due to dual-disc braking can be adjusted to your preferences. It has built-in headlights and a brake light! Whenever the brakes are triggered, the headlight has a solid 270-lumen central projection and a distinctive LED circle to ensure maximum visibility, whereas the rear light has steady, flashing and dazzling modes.

Shimano 7-Speed.

You can now tailor your riding efficiency with Shimano 7-Speed on the Heybike Cityscape. Greater power for hazardous uphill climbs and maintaining pedal power at peak speed means a wider variety of gears at your fingertips. Nickel coating protects the gears from corrosion and makes shifting a lot easier.

Removable Modular Battery.

It has an enormous capacity 36V/10AH battery with a maximum travel range of up to 25 miles in pure electric mode and 40 miles in pedal-assisted mode. You can charge the battery pack on or off the frame thanks to the quick replaceable modular battery. Store extra batteries if you are on a trip or something else in case your power runs out.

3 Working Modes.

Its three operating modes, pure electric mode, intelligent three-level pedal aid mode, and manual mode (pedaling), ensure that you are prepared for whatever road conditions may arise. It is simple to select the method you like to ride. You can ride the bike in three different modes using this HeyBike product.

Shock Absorber and Rear Rock.

The electric bike benefits from a front suspension fork with lockout and a suspension seat post, making the ride smooth and pleasant. You may attach panniers, platforms, or baskets to the bike and let it carry your goods—the ability to store and utilize more space for your items.

350 W Motor.

The 350W geared hub motor gives higher torque from a standstill and smoother acceleration, and less noise when climbing. Use a high-resolution 12-magnet cadence sensor to improve the predictability of beginning and stopping. The high-responsive motor helps you accelerate this electric bike properly.

Low-Step Frame Design.

With a low step frame, a plush saddle, and a swept-back handlebar, you'll enjoy the ride in one of the most comfortable positions you'll ever find yourself in on an e-bike. The low-step design also ensures the durability and reliability of this electric bike frame. So, this electric bike is an affordable and safe way to go!


  • It has 19mph top speed
  • It covers 25 miles in pure electric mode
  • It has a durable frame
  • It is versatile in use


  • It is slightly complicated to assemble the first wheel
  • It does not have a rear suspension

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Heybike Cityscape comfortable to use?

This bike is built for comfort, with step-through frames and forward pedal positions that allow for complete leg extension, reducing pressure on your knees, hips, and ankles. Large, padded seats with suspension, wavy, comfortable handlebars, and more extended frames are designed to keep your body correctly positioned, reducing tension and stiffness in your back, shoulders, and wrists.

Is it easy to assemble Heybike Cityscape?

This electric bike comes partially assembled, so you won't have to waste time putting it together. However, you have to assemble the front wheels and pads, which hardly takes 10 minutes.

Conclusion ( Final Thoughts )

The Heybike Cityscape electric bike is a fantastic choice. The cycle's exceptional build makes it even more excellent and convenient to operate. When it comes to the operation of the battery and motor, it is rather sturdy and long-lasting. This bike has every feature that a high-quality electric bike should have. Ride safely and utilize its versatility by riding it with total stability. We hope that this Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike Review has helped you understand the features thoroughly.